Terms & Conditions

When reservation and purchase a dive package with DRAKE DIVERS . , You agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS stated on these pages. You must read and accept before you book your tour. Once you make the reservation the following terms and conditions come into force .
To confirm your reservation we ask you to cancel the 50 % if more than a month before the tour or 100% if the tour is in the next 30 days. Contact our office at Tel 2775-1818 for the next three days otherwise not valid your reservation code .
If payments are not received within the specified period , DRAKE DIVERS . reserves the right to cancel the reservation and apply penalties .
In case of cancellation , please notify us immediately. Charges will be based on the date of cancellation is received by DRAKE DIVERS and apply to all the products including the tour.
DRAKE DIVERS . reserves the right to resell the canceled space . If the cancellation of one or more persons alters the room category , dive packages or other passengers airfares will be responsible for the cost difference .
DRAKE DIVERS . will not pay any compensation for the changes caused by war or threat of war, riots , civil disturbances , terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disasters , fire , epidemics or health risks , technical problems with transport including mechanical and weather reasons , governmental action , closed or congested airports and similar events beyond our control.
The traveler is responsible for obtaining self all documentation required by the relevant authorities . Officials of Customs, airlines and immigration officials may deny entry and exit from their country for any circumstances . DRAKE DIVERS is not responsible and will not refund any money. It is the responsibility of all travelers carry their respective diving license, It is the responsibility of all travelers carry their respective diving license
DRAKE DIVERS . is not responsible for any unused portions of your travel or accommodation services , transport, food , diving or any other services included in the package and will not refund any money. The lack of compliance with the components of the tour as the itinerary or pre- agreed services may result in loss of that component and not refund any money. We are not responsible for any activities or optional tours sold locally as DRAKE DIVERS not operate these services.
DRAKE DIVERS . not responsible for unfulfilled orders and sea view, special meals and bedding . The hotel or airline may levy possible surcharges . DRAKE DIVERS not confirm any order before the game.
All hotels have a schedule in and out . It is possible that your room is not available upon arrival at the facility . The hotel may ask you to leave the room before your scheduled departure.
When the tour is international the traveler agrees to comply with the rules and laws of the country you are visiting. If the traveler behaves threatening to the supplier and / or other passengers , the supplier has the right to refuse service or expel him from the hotel or diving operation .
DRAKE DIVERS . reserves the right to expel , for acts violation of morality , good customs or simply the harmony of the group to any person or member of a group on any of their tours. In that case, the traveler is responsible for all costs and will not receive any refund for portions of the journey not made ​​and / or services are not consumed.
DRAKE DIVERS . makes arrangements with independent companies and are not responsible for any act or omission on behalf of these firms . DRAKE DIVERS . not be liable for any loss, damage or injury , whether physical or mental or property resulting from any delay, substitution or deficiency of quality of equipment or services or any act, omission, negligence or commission of any party supplying services or accommodations. We reserve the right to refuse any booking and refuse any passenger as a member of our tours at any time.